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my little stinkers

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I love my babies. I love them sooooooooo much it hurts. I now have two girls who are my driving force. I get to show them each and everyday what following your dreams looks like and what it looks like to find your purpose. 

But these children grow so fast, and this is why my job is so important. Family, relationships, and connections are the highest on my list of values. We need to document our time together - the big celebrations and the regular normal days.

The emotion, relationships, and connections between people and families are beautiful and complex. And even after our loved ones are gone, we cherish the memories we shared together through photographs.

I believe that images are one of the most powerful things on this earth and I cherish them greatly.

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My Story


After the birth of my first daughter, I completely lost myself (hello, postpartum depression).  I took on a new identity as a mother and forgot who Krista was.  I started documenting my time at home with my daughter as a creative outlet for myself, which quickly grew into a fiery passion for documenting life with images. This new art form made my soul feel alive.

Things I love:

- Coffee (not Tim Hortons, the good shit!)

- Scuba Diving

- Pizza

- Cross Country Skiing

- Hiking

- Exploring Manitoba

- Lake time

- Chips

- Travel