The Story Teller

Family, relationships, and connections are the very high on my list of values.


After the birth of my daughter, I completely lost myself. I took on a new identity as a mother and forgot who Krista was. I starting taking photos of my daughter as a creative outlet for myself, which quickly grew into a fiery passion that I could not put out. This new art form made my soul feel alive.

I started doing sessions for friends and family. And then there was a turning point.... I did my first engagement session and wedding and fell in love! I had an epiphany - this was what I was meant to do. 

I was consumed with the emotion, the relationships, and the connections experienced by the couple and their wedding guests. The overwhelming joy on wedding days is out of this world and I love being immersed in all of the wedding day events.

Couples invest in my photography because they are ecstatic about being married, and view their wedding day as a celebration as a new chapter in their lives begins. They're more excited about the marriage than the wedding day. My couples get married in fields where they had their first kiss, tend to go barefoot at times, and enjoy the great outdoors. They drag me out to family cottages for engagement session, hike deep into provincial parks, or have an intimate dinner at their favorite restaurant in the Exchange District. It's all about their own love story!




Addicted to pizza, loves elephants, won't refuse coffee, loves cuddling my family by the fire!



Also addicted to pizza, loves movies, also won't refuse coffee, builds the best fire and can fix anything.



AKA "Stella Bear", loves bananas, her baby dolls, her dog "Wawa", and singing songs.



Hates squirrels, loves naps and her little sister Stella!

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