AleX + Spencer

These two are crazy in love.


They laughed and giggled all evening.  My face hurt from all the laughing! They were so natural in front of the camera, it was like they forgot I was there! (photographer goals!!)


I'd like to tell you about how Spencer proposed to Alex. It was Thanksgiving weekend and they were spending it out at her family's cabin at Falcon Lake, Manitoba. They had recently got a very adorable, very hyper puppy named Murphy (who makes an appearance in the photos below!).  Spencer suggested the three of them go for a walk. Alex was thrilled as Spencer doesn't go for walks... she thought is was a little weird but she dismissed it. 


They walked along the Trans Canada Trail which is absolutely breathtaking in the fall when the leaves change colors and trees begin their annual shed. After walking for a bit, she noticed Spencer wasn't beside her. She turned around to find Spencer bent over talking to little Murphy the pup. Spencer said to the little pup, "Oh Murphy! What do we have here?!" Spencer then got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocked, and asked for her hand in marriage! How beautiful is it that he got their little puppy involved in the proposal! Way to go Spencer! Alex of course said "YES!"

She joked with Spencer after that it would have been totally awkward if she said "no" since they had been walking for almost an hour before he asked the question. And thinking back during the walk... Spencer was tapping his pants a lot which she said was extremely strange. He was paranoid that he was going to loose the ring because he couldn't put the box in his pocket because she'd see!

On the evening of the session, how fitting was it that we met at Alex's family cottage before heading into the forest near Falcon Lake, Manitoba and followed up the same Trans Canada Trail that Spencer proposed on. The light was so gorgeous trickling through the trees and the mosquitoes were actually bearable! Love was definitely in the air!


After we finished up in the forest, we headed back to her family's cottage to get some pictures on the dock. We then hopped in our vehicles and drove to a nearby beach to splash in the sand and catch the warm August sunset.

What an amazing day. Congratulations you two on your recent engagement and thank you for sharing your story with me