Whether you are in the early stages of planning your session OR you've already booked a date with me; it's important to start brainstorming ideas for your session! I've created this helpful guide to make this part of the process as easy as possible and to ensure the images we create together reflect YOU!

If you are able to follow this guide and put your trust in me, I PROMISE no "cheesy" photos and you will love your images! :)

The location you decide on and the outfits you choose should represent you and should be intentionally picked!

So, let's get started!

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It is very important that you choose a place that represents you. I am a non-traditional photographer - in the sense that I believe your photos should represent you, be unique to who you are, and be original!

The possibilities are endless for locations, and can be overwhelming! So here are some tips to help:


Think... are there places that excite you or take your breath away? Do you love the outdoors and finding new unexplored areas? Or perhaps being cozy in your home sounds more like you.  Both are wonderful options and would be a great way to experience your session. 

Think about what you really love and what places reflect your relationship. Don't be afraid to incorporate some of your favorite activities (hiking, biking, campfires, baking, etc.)

Share your ideas with me! If you're stuck choosing a location, even sharing the "feel" or a "look" you like for the session is enough for me to tossing out ideas. Woody and outdoors? Meadows? Beach? Open fields? Modern and urban? I'm full of ideas!

Here are a few unique places we have gone for sessions:


Now that you're thinking about locations, next we will find an outfit that fits both your style and the location.  Firstly, you need to find something that you feel absolutely confident and comfortable in. Come as yourself! You'll love the images so much more if they look like you! Bring a few options and reach out to me ahead of time and we can narrow down your options!

For any adventure seekers: let's find something with texture and with earthy tones, that's timeless, and allows for movement! If we are lucky, we will get a bit of wind which creates some beautiful motion in the photos.


Colors the camera loves: Ivory, blush, navy, cream, mustard, olive, grey, brown, burgundy, jeans, etc.

Colors to avoid: bright colors, reds, and bold patterns (plaid, dark stripes, etc.)


Hats, blankets, glasses, jackets, maybe some wine(?!) and jewelry are all great additions! But please don't bring anything that will be difficult to carry with you. 

Things not to bring: heavy items, props (you don't need them!)



I will always suggest we start our session 1-2 hours before sunset or just before sunrise during "Golden Hour". The light is soft, golden, and magical. It is also a great excuse to be with your loved ones and enjoy a beautiful sunset in nature! 

Unfortunately, I can't control the weather and we might not get the beautiful sunset we had hoped for. But don't worry! You will love your images regardless if it's sunny or rainy. If it does decide to downpour or blizzard on your scheduled session, we can find a new date - no problem at all!

Here are a few of my favorite sunsets, just so you can get an idea!


  • Relax - take the entire day off if you can! Spend it being together, doing things that you love! Take this time to simply be together and enjoy each others company.

  • Nerves are ok! - Nervous, excited, anxious; these are all normal things to feel.  I assure you, the nerves will pass quickly as soon as we start. But guess what (I'll be very honest here) I'm nervous too and very VERY excitedI get nervous before every shoot and every wedding. It means I care about what I do and I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera. 

  • Posing?! - Everyone says "I don't know how to pose!", "What do I do with my hands!?", "I'm not photogenic!". Well let me be the first to tell you, you don't need to know how to pose. I'm here as an expert and a friend, and will be here to guide and direct you through the entire process! Just show up and be ready to have fun and just be yourselves! Leave the rest up to me, you are in good hands. :)

It's that simple!

Please reach out if you have any questions.

I hope to work with you soon!