• Krista Hawryluk

Assiniboine Forest Engagement

Ivanna + Jordie

Assiniboine Forest is one of my favorite locations to stop for photos for weddings or other sessions! There is so much to explore!

Ivanna and Jordie received a referral from one of their friends to contact me to be their photographer for their wedding. I am SO thankful for that! When the three of us met up for the first time, we spend the better part of 2 hours chatting and laughing about some strange embarrassing moments and they shared more about what makes them THEM.

On their first date, Ivanna knew she wanted to marry Jordie. He brought cue cards to the art gallery and shared nerdy, interesting facts. Their love is silly, high energy, and focus on being best friends.

It was such an honor to photograph these two cute little buttons! The love they share is so silly and fun and it is such a delight to be around them.

They love to bike together, so they brought their bikes into the forest! The result: freaking adorable and so totally THEM.

Love you guys!